NSO Forever Tale—The Mice War

NSO Forever Tale

NSO Forever Tale—The Mice War

2018-04-28 Sat 11:00National Concert Hall400 600 800Buy
2018-04-28 Sat 15:00National Concert Hall400 600 800Buy
YIN-FANG CHANG, conductor
Pei-Yu SHIH, stage director
Lien-Chi HUANG, stage design
Yuling LIN, costume design
Tian-Hong WANG, lighting design
Cheng-Yuan WANG, projection design
Vera Hui-pin Hsu, répétiteur

BOREN CHENG, narrator&Tashi
Jo-Pei Weng, Albert
Alfred Chen, General Kan
Pallas Lai, Bagi
Hao-Tun Teng, Violin
Yi-Jung Su, Double bass
Chika Miyazaki, Flute
May-Lin Ju, Clarinet
Kai –Yu Jian, Bassoon
Loo-Kit Chong, Trumpet
Ting-Chuan Chen、Pi-Tzu Yang, Percussion
Shannon Chieh, Harp


The Mice War Returns! When David Chesky’s opera for children, The Mice War, was presented at the Experimental Theater in Taipei in 2009, it was described by Zhao Ziqiang as “a wonderful, imaginative journey.” And indeed it is. In The Mice War, American composer David Chesky ̶ pianist, producer, arranger, and co-founder of the audiophile label Chesky Records ̶ relates the story of a peaceful mouse named Albert who is caught up in an absurd war between Blue Mice, who eat pink cheese and red mice who eat yellow cheese. This 80-minute stage work, presented in Mandarin here in Taipei, has also been seen to huge success in Polish, English, Italian and Portuguese. Chesky’s association with the NSO goes back to the 2008-2009 season, when he was the orchestra’s composer-in-residence.