Executive Director Lydia Wen-Chen Kuo

Manager, Administration Gail Chang

Secretary of Music Director Ling-Lin Shih

Manager, Planning & Production Barbie Chao-Yi Chen

Manager, Public Relations Ting-Yu Liu

Manager, Marketing Eileen Lin

Planning & Production

Program Coordinator Hui-Ju Hsi / Lo-Hsuan Hsu / Yu-Chieh Liao / Ching-Yang Wu / Chia-Chieh Sun

Librarian Brittney Kao (on leave) / Hsiao-Chi Chen

Stage Manager Yen-Lin Li / Chi CHI / Yi-Chi Wu

National Symphony Youth Orchestra

Supervisor, National Symphony Youth Orchestra Yu-Ching Yang

Marketing and Digital Development

Project Manager, Marketing Gloria Lo

Senior Marketing Coordinator Hsin-Ju Lee

Marketing Coordinator Yu-Ling Yang

Customer Service Coordinator Shih-Ting Huang

Music Lab

Specialist Arthur Chien Rina Chen

Project Coordinator Yi-Chun Lai

Public Relations and Promotion

Developing Coordinator Han Wu / Yun-Chu Tseng

Administrator Yuny Chang


Chief Audition Officer  Pi-Chu Lin

Senior Human Resource Specialist Wan-Yu Chen

Human Resource Coordinator Yung-Chu Chuang

Senior Legal Specialist Tsai Mu-Tzen / Cary Liu

Administrator Sharon Chen / Yi-Ling Zhan / Hsin-Ting Lyu / Tzu-Chien Chiu

Secretary of Executive Director Leng-Hui Tseng

Legal Consultant Hsin-Ho Lin

Graphic Design Consultant Biaugust

Recording Partnership 圖片

NSO-on-Campus Lecture Series Sponsored by 圖片

I-Mei NSO Conducting Fellowship Programme Sponsored by 美美

NSO Education Partnership 台積電文教基金會 勇源基金會

TNUA & NSO Internship Program