En-Yi Chien

En-Yi Chien, graduated from Guangren Catholic Elementary School and Guangren Catholic High School, received his Master Degree from Hochschule fuer Musik Wuerzburg in 2001. Mr. Chien has studied with Chung-Ji Liau, Rou-Jing Wang, Ling-Chuen Tseng, I-Fen Kou, Prof. Eberhard Bushmann and Prof. Albrecht Holder. In 1999, Mr. Chien’s bassoon quartet was elected by “Yehudi-Menuhin” and toured in Germany. Mr. Chien was invited to perform Vivaldi’s C major Concerto at Rokokogartenfest Veithoechheim in July 2000. He was selected to perform as bassoon section player with Orchester des stadttheater Passau in 2001, and he won a 2 year contract internship with Orchester des Suedthueligischen Staatstheater Meiningen in 2002. Mr. Chien received his Artist Diploma from Hochschule fuer Musik Wuerzburg in 2004. Currently, Mr. Chen is a member of the National Symphony Orchestra and teaches at Shih Chien University.