Loo-Kit Chong

Loo Kit graduated with both Master's and Bachelor's degrees from The Boston Conservatory, under the tutelage of Tom Siders and Steven Emery. Currently he is on trial as section trumpet with the National Symphony Orchestra, Taiwan.

While in Boston, he performed with the New England Repertory Orchestra, Boston New Music Initiative and the Video Game Orchestra. With the Video Game Orchestra, Loo Kit has had performances in Symphony Hall, Boston, and also recorded for the soundtrack of Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns. Other orchestra engagements include performances with the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra (Singapore), The Philharmonic Orhestra (Singapore) and Orchestra of Music Makers (Singapore).

Apart from these activities, Loo Kit also participated in a wide variety of genres, such as numerous musicals in The Boston Conservatory, operas and ballet music with the Singapore Lyric Opera and The Philharmonic Orchestra (Singapore). He is also regularly active in the wind ensemble genre with The Philharmonic Winds (Singapore) and brass quintet genre with the Queensbury Brass and PhilBrass.